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About Madrid

Madrid is the capital city as well as the largest of all Spanish cities. It has a population of about 3.3 million and around 6 million in total once all the urban areas and city suburbs are brought into the picture. 

While some Spanish areas such as Catalunya, the Basque country or even Galicia are widely known for their famous cuisine, Madrid is not known for any. However, the foods in Madrid are hearty and heavy and include some ingredients most visitors might not have tried before. 

In terms of weather, the Spanish capital is sunny and dry overall. However, it is a climate that has some rather distinct extremes, such as July being really scorching and August being absolutely chilly, while the short winter that runs between December and February is a surprise to most foreigners. 

There are many reasons to visit Madrid. One of this is the vivacity of the city since it is always vibrant, energetic and aptly bustling with activity. From the Plaza de Espana, Chuec, Perta del Sol, to the famous Bernabeu stadium, the zest, vigor and stir of the capital is awesome, and there is a distinct socializing love that makes men and women go to the streets and maximize on every minute not spent in the office or workplace. 

The Madrid nightlife is another intense characteristic of this great city that makes tourists and visitors await the darkness to begin their business. Cultural activities in the capital abound; from the Prado museum, the Thyssen Bornemisza, the Reina Sofia Museum, to festivals, locales, cinemas, music venues and much more, there is hardly any time the capital is devoid of activity. 

The location of the capital is a prime reason why it is a worthy place to visit, more so because it is in the center of the fabled Iberian Peninsula. Once you visit Madrid you will be able to discover the rest of Spain so easily. The transport is easy and affordable, from the taxis, metro, buses and trains.  

In addition, the tradition and modernity of the capital is a magnet that attracts lovers of culture, color, custom and beauty.
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