Francisco Sá-Carneiro Airport is the international airport serving the city of Porto. It is located in an important industrial and commercial area of Portugal, 11 km from the city center.

porto airport
porto airport

Thus it is a privileged gateway for the Portuguese commercial activity.

There is in the drawers of the Portuguese state a development plan for an increase in traffic from 5 to 15 million passengers per year, in several phases if the need arises.

In 2016, it was named Best Airport in Europe1 by Airports Council International in the 5-15 million passengers per year category of the ASQ Awards (en) (Airport Service Quality Award) and 3rd best in Europe in all categories from 2013 to 2016

Porto Airport is connected to the city center by the E line of the metro, whose terminus is in the immediate vicinity of the terminal. The metro station and the terminal are connected by an underpass. An individual ticket to the city center costs 1.50 euros + 0.50 euros for the magnetic badge. The latter can be redeemed at the “I” information desk on the first floor of the airport on the return trip. The journey takes about 35 minutes for about 15 stations, there are about 3 subways per hour. The daily ticket can be very advantageous depending on the traffic zone

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