Madrid Airport Taxi
Madrid Airport Taxi
Madrid Airport Taxi

Madrid Airport Taxis

This is the easiest and most convenient way to travel on public transport into the city, and is recommended if you have lots of luggage or want to be delivered directly to your destination without any waiting, stops or transfers as taxis are abundant and they cannot charge you for luggage.

You can take a taxi from any Terminal Arrivals area. Total trip time is about 50 minutes and 40 minutes from T4. Usually, the price for a taxi ride from Madrid Airport to the city center is a flat fee of 30 Euros, but make sure the meter is reset when you get in. Taxis are white with a red stripe, but you may face communication issues or being overcharged. You can pre-book a taxi to avoid these issues.

If you prefer to wait until arrival, just walk outside the airport terminal when you arrive to the taxi ranks. Do not accept any offers from drivers inside the airport as these are not legal drivers and will try to scam you. There is a fixed taxi rate of 30 Euros to the city center. Anything outside that area is subject to different supplements, which can be confusing. Always get a receipt.

Prior to arriving in Madrid you must always know that there might be dishonest drivers who could try to charge more than the normal cost. Just make sure the Madrid Airport taxi has its meter running after you begin the journey. From the Barajas, Madrid Airport, the cost to the city is about 30 Euros.

In case you are not sure of the fare, just enquire the cost from the driver. It is quite hard for them to trick anybody. In case the driver asks you ‘Conoce Madrid?’, or simply, ‘Do you know Madrid?’, you might want to answer that you are not new in the city by answering ‘Si, am Madrid’ or anything closer, and thus tricking you might be hard.

While exiting the airport, just walk outside the terminal and right to the Madrid Airport taxi ranks. Avoid accepting offers from drivers within the terminal mostly because they are illegal drivers and you might just get ripped off really bad. Depending on the conduct of the traffic, you might end up paying about 30 Euros while going to any main location in the center.

Some supplements and extras to the Madrid Airport taxi basic fare can be confusing. These may include the obligatory first fare of 1.85 Euros, a surcharge of 5 Euros from the Airport, and 2.5 Euros as surcharge from the train or bus stations and others.

These supplements always increase during holidays or weekends, but there might be no charge for pets, rucksacks or suitcases. To be on a better footing in case a dispute ensues, never forget to collect receipts. Armed with such information it is possible to get everything refunded from the Oficina Municipal del Taxi.

There are some Madrid Airport taxis that accept different types of cards but don’t travel expecting this to happen every time. Always travel with enough loose cash. If you have a guide dog or a pet that is within an official container for carrying pets it is possible for it to travel free.

Madrid Airport Taxis FAQ

The two locations are roughly 8 miles (about 13 kilometers) apart.

It’s easy to identify a taxi that is authorized to pick up passengers at the airport; look for white cars that feature a red stripe and Madrid’s coat of arms on one of the doors.

On average you can expect the ride to take about 20 minutes, but it could take less time if you’re traveling at a quiet part of day, and it might longer at rush hour and other busy periods.

It depends on exactly where you are traveling within the city. If your hotel or other accommodation is within the boundary of the orbital motorway Autopista de Circunvalación M-30, or M-30, that encircles the city, you will be charged a flat fare of €30 one way.

However, if your final destination is outside of the M-30 boundary, your fare will be charged using a meter and will fluctuate based on the length and duration of your taxi ride.

Yes, many Madrid taxis are able to accept paying using a credit card, but not every car will have this feature. And you should be prepared for the possibility that a taxi’s credit card reader is broken. Always carry enough Euros to cover the cost of your taxi ride if necessary.

No, there is no law that states you must give your taxi driver a tip. However, you should strongly consider carrying a few Euros with you so that you can tip a driver if they get you from Madrid Airport to your hotel or other place of lodging with a safe and comfortable ride.

Almost all taxi surcharges that used to apply in the past have been eliminated. However, a special additional fee of €6.70 still applies for taxi rides on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Madrid Airport

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